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Tag: INJECTION TO REMOVE DOUBLE CHIN - Restylane injections


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    • Deoxycholic acid, also known as sodium deoxycholate, is an effective fat melting substance.
    • Deoxycholate is widely used for removal of double chin, which represents a serious aesthetic concern in about 40% of the global population, as well as body contouring. This is what makes deoxycholic acid a highly sought-after product.
    • However, it’s almost impossible to buy deoxycholic acid suitable for human use. If you google “Buy deoxycholic acid online”, you will see that every single website appearing in the search results on the first two pages sells deoxycholate intended for research only. A couple of other websites give you a general information about the most popular double chin treatments Kybella and Belkyra, both made by Allergan. And only further into search results, you find Anna’s Cosmetics selling Deoxycholic 10% indicated for treatment of excessive fat and body contouring – just what you’ve been looking for!
    • This is why you should not delay and buy Deoxycholic 10% today while you are looking at it and while it’s in stock!
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