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Buy VLine A Solution E Onlinessence For Body Lipolytic Online

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 New product

V Line-A Solution has changed the package from purple to red now, every single box came with a seiral number. There are many fake ones on the market. The white package, purple package are old packages that is discontinused.

1 box > 3 vials > 30ML x 3


Vline A solution lipolytic

VLine a solution lipolysis injection

V Line A solution combines phosphatidylcholine & L-Carnitine together to maximize the result. It dissolves fat and removes cellulite, also it gives elasticity to the skin by generating collagen for lifting effect.


Once a week, 3 to 4 treatments in a month. Can’t be use around eyes. You can use hyaluron pen with it.

Dose: 10cc each size of a palm on body, Maximum 10cc on face.


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