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Allergan Vistabel 50 IU

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Buy Allergan Vistabel 50 IU

It is very common for dermatologists, surgeons and other medical professionals to buy Botox wholesale to store on site – creating a consistent flow of supply and demand.

This easy access enhances both production and profit steadily, as many medical practitioners have reported.
Professional Dermal Fillers  provide that platform where you can Order Allergan Botox Online that are stored and refrigerated according to manufacturer specifications.


VISTABEL® works in a temporary manner by improving vertical lines between the eyebrows. These lines often mistaken for a frown or negative emotion can be treated in adults under the age of 65.(Buy Allergan Vistabel 50 IU Online)

What are the benefits of Vistabel?

  • Improve psychological wellbeing of patient;
  • Improve appearance by creating positive emotion in face;
  • Treat vertical lines between the brows.

What do I receive in the box?

  • 1 x 50 iu;

How long will the effect last for?

Results are temporary, which means further treatments are necessary to maintain the look. You can expect the results to last for 3 to 6 months. (Order Allergan Vistabel 50 IU Online)



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