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Control Hub Needle 30G X 13mm (1/2″) PRC-30013I (1 Carton Of 60 Boxes)

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For use with dermal fillers, without any flexing!

  • PRC-30013I

  • Dermal fillers present a challenge due to their extra small particles and high viscous properties, which can cause standard needles to become clogged, making the injection process difficult and time-consuming.
  • Ultra Thin Wall Technology

  • TSK have overcome this by designing a needle specifically for administering dermal fillers. With its ULTRA thin wall (UTW), the control hub needle has an increased diameter by up to 24% for 27G needles and up to 17% for the thinner gauge 30G needles.
  • Overall, there is 37% less force required to administer the gel from the syringe into the needle, giving a controlled injection that is smoother and more precise.
  • Hard Polymer Hub

  • Made of a powerfully strong polymer, the Control Hub needle will not flex when subjected to high pressures. As a result, there is no risk of product leakage or the needle been detached, so the treatment process can run smoothly.
  • It is extremely compatible with all brand syringes due to its clever traditional hub geometry.


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