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Aquamid Reconstruction (1x1ml)

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Improve osteoarthritis.


Aquamid Reconstruction is a polyacrylamide hydrogel (PAAG) with the following characteristics, being non-degradable and highly visco-elastic synthetic gel.

Aquamid Reconstruction is beneficial in osteoarthritis patients, having an atoxic and durable effect with tissue-compatibility.

Highly tolerated by mammal tissue by allowing in vivo vessel and fibrous in-growth. (Aquamid Reconstruction (1x1ml))

Studies supported by histopathological observations have shown that Aquamid Reconstruction integrates over time within the soft tissues, through a combination of vessel in-growth and molecular water exchange. (Buy Aquamid Reconstruction (1x1ml) Online)

Intra-articular injection of AR is expected to provide permanent pain relief and improve the functional ability through a cushioning or padding effect on the joint and thereby reduce symptoms and improve patients’ quality of life.


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