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Restylane Kysse Lidocaine (1 X 1ml)

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Buy Restylane Kysse Lidocaine (1 x 1ml) Online

Restylane Kysse is an injectable soft hyaluronic acid gel from non-animal origin with a concentration of 20 mg/ml.

Restylane Kysse is biocompatible, biodegradable and hypoallergenic; it is used to subtly enhance the fullness of your lips, by working in the following way:

Increasing definition and augmentation of the lip body and border so there is improved contours;
Eliminating upper lips line;
Enhances upper and lower lips by adding natural-looking volume;
Adds balance to asymmetrical (unbalanced, unequal) lips so that the upper and lower lip are both in proportion to each other;
Improves lip texture and smoothness;
Improves hydration and softness.
As well as creating a pretty pout, it also works to smooth fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth caused by smoking/ageing/expression for a smoother, fresher overall appearance. (Buy Restylane Kysse with Lidocaine (1x1ml) Online)

As a softer filler, which is  ‘in between Refyne and Defyne’, Restylane Kysse contains the optimum viscosity for lips with a super smooth formula that gives you a plump finish. It’s soft qualities and consistency also make it a gel that has excellent distribution and skin tolerance while giving the ultimate lip volumizing effect.

Other positives include :

Molecule Size
… and Feeling Natural
Administering Restylane Kysse.

Restylane Kysse should be injected into the mucous membrane and intra-dermal layer using a 30G½” needle

It contains 0.3% Lidocaine to increase comfort during the dermal filler procedure.

The huge popularity of Restylane Kysse has seen 86% of women surveyed, wanting to be treated by the same product again.

Store between 2 – 25℃ . (Buy Restylane Kysse with Lidocaine (1x1ml) Online) Shop Now!


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